Modern Mystic Finds We Are All One

Justin, a 48 year old SBNR who lives in Ontario, devotes large amounts of time volunteering for an environmental conservation group. When I asked him why, he couched his explanation in terms of his “huge spiritual moment up in the Arctic.” High on top of a mountain he was suddenly able to see the energy field of the earth. He says:

I could see the coastline—the land, the ocean—and there was an aura all around the land, almost like a fluorescent aura. The other person I was with, they could not see it. [What meaning did it have for you?] It was basically telling me that the earth was alive; not just life on earth, but the earth [itself] was alive…Everything is interconnected. Physicality is nothing more than a form of energy, and the interconnection is through energy. And because of the interconnection…we have a united interest in our continuance. It is not the individual, I feel, who is important: it’s the planet. For without the planet there is nothing for this life . [1]

This is such a powerful quote because it has many key spiritual but not religious markings including 1) a belief that an impersonal life force inhabits all things, 2) a profound appreciation of the natural world, and 3) the belief that everything is interconnected. It also shows how these types of beliefs translate into a social vision that goes beyond the individual.



[1] Siobhan Chandler, The Social Ethic of Religiously Unaffiliated Spirituality (2011) 259.