What Are Some Common SBNR Names for “God?”

What are some of the common  SBNRs (spiritual but not religious) names for “God?”

One of the confusing things about the spiritual but not religious movement is that there isn’t a single equivalent for words like “God,” “Lord,” “Jehovah,” “Allah.”  SBNRs names for God run the gamut and tend to be more fluid–even personal.  Some SBNRs do use the word God and don’t seem to have a problem with it, but there are many other colorful terms in use.

I made up this Word Cloud and realized when it was done that almost any combination of these words would work as spiritual but not religious descriptions of “God.”  I should not have included “Father,” which SBNRs avoid because it is so patriarchal sounding–a real no-no. But I probably should have used “Christ” to get at Christ Consciousness and so forth. Oh, and “Love.”

So here are some of the combo’s I came up with:

  • Divine Intelligence
  • Quantum Reality
  • Quantum Gaia Intelligence
  • Divine Buddha-Mind
  • Supreme Infinite One
  • Mother of the Universe
  • Self Knowing Intelligence
  • Radiant Creator
  • Radiant Intelligence
  • Infinite Radiance
  • Quantum Radiance
  • Supreme Self Consciousness
  • All Knowing Self
  • Universal Intelligence
  • Universal Mind

Leave your suggestions! I would love to hear them.