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Swansea assistant coroner Aled Gruffydd concluded her death was a suicide, saying the operation “was unsuccessful and made her pain worse and it affected her mental health.”She was 58.”I’m satisfied without doubt that she intended to take her own life,” Gruffydd said during an inquest into Methuen Campbell’s death. “The pain she was in led to her taking her own life.”[Mapping the rising tide of suicide deaths across the United States]Methuen Campbell’s former partner, Philip Chatfield, saidthat Methuen Campbellfelt that there “didn’t seem to be a way out of the pain.””The pain continued to get worse and nobody seemed able to solve the problem,” Chatfield said during the hearing, according to the BBC.Methuen Campbell left her 19 year old son, Angus, a note that read, “I’m sorry Angus, I love you, best son ever.”Her son, after the hearing,said his mother was “in a great deal of pain after the operations and she was very upset that her ovaries had been removed,” according to the BBC.Dixon, the surgeon, has been suspended from two hospitals in Bristol and is being investigated by Britain’s National Health Service and the General Medical Council for his mesh surgeries. Surgical mesh implants are typically used to treat conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence in women, according to the FDA.

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