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The distinctive dress code of those old colonial days

ONE of the minor benefits of being an expatriate male public servant in pre independence Papua New Guinea was that we didn’t need to think too much about what to wear each day.

There canada goose outlet location was no worrying about which tie would work best with which shirt, which shirt would go best with which suit and which suit to wear in the first place as was the case when I worked in corporate Melbourne.

Canada Goose sale The official dress ‘uniform’ for us schoolies back then, as for most expatriate Administration officers, was a collared shirt usually white and short sleeved; dress shorts (that is, worn with a belt); long socks almost always white, and lace up shoes frequently of the suede variety. Canada Goose sale

cheap Canada canada goose outlet las vegas Goose This was sensible and practical, up to a point, borrowed as it was from British colonial days and from contemporary practice in canada goose outlet toronto factory such places as north Queensland, from whence I came. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose Supplies of shirts and shorts could be replenished, if need be, at most Chinese owned trade stores. canada goose outlet price canada goose

I tended to favour the inexpensive two pocketed white cotton Chinese shirts: plenty of room for pens, small notebooks and a packet of cigarettes.

My shorts were, likewise, crafted from cotton in hues of khaki/taupe, grey or black.

The canada goose outlet florida drawback was that this was the era of tight, short shorts which rather defeated the purpose of allowing air to flow freely through one’s nether regions something which the much maligned British colonial style of Bombay bloomers did achieve, albeit at the expense of being pleasing to canada goose discount uk the eye and ill suited canada goose outlet online reviews to slender pinned canada goose outlet locations in toronto chaps like me.

Going commando was an option, of course, but the very tightness of the shorts presented certain dangers to one’s tender parts if the canada goose outlet washington dc option was exercised.

canada goose coats on sale The figure hugging nature of these shorts also restricted the carriage of more than a few small items in the pockets: hence, the preference for two pocketed shirts. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose clearance Long socks (and shoes), a legacy probably, from the Scots, were the least sensible items of attire. canada goose clearance

canada goose coats Everyone knows that to feel cool, canada goose outlet store montreal it helps if one’s extremities are canada goose outlet in montreal cool, canada goose coats

canada goose clearance sale Encasing feet canada goose outlet kokemuksia in thickish cotton and leather or suede did not help in this regard, and presented other risks in the form of tinea and other fungal afflictions. canada canada goose outlet vip goose clearance sale

I determined early on that I would don the long socks and shoes only when I expected to encounter another expatriate government employee.

Canada Goose Outlet This was prompted within a few days of arriving at Angoram, my first PNG posting, where, as canada goose uk site is well known, mosquitoes are ubiquitous, abundant and come in a range of sizes. Canada Goose Outlet

Well before the end of each working day, my socks would be spotted and flecked with blood where I had crushed the life canada goose outlet london out of a multitude of mozzies (bearing in mind that one learnt that it was far more efficient to use one’s fingers to simply press death upon the feeding mozzies than to waste energy slapping at them).

Canada Goose Parka Rather than look like the walking wounded, I therefore chose to don sensible sandals, the best of which, I discovered, were those issued to PIR soldiers. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose deals (I did, however, keep a pair of desert boots and long socks close at hand just in case of an unexpected visit to the school by the District Education Officer.) canada goose deals

I don’t recall any official advice regarding headwear, although every type from toweling beach hats, Akubras to recycled ex Australian Army slouch hats could be seen gracing the heads of teachers throughout the country.

Canada Goose online No bowlers, alas, and few fedoras. Pith helmets canada goose parka outlet were restricted, in my experience at least, to the occasional Roman Catholic priest. Canada Goose online

buy canada goose jacket cheap My own preference was a sturdy, practical if somewhat hot to wear slouch hat. buy canada goose jacket cheap

The only time I found myself in any sartorial difficulty was when, in all innocence, I matched an army style khaki shirt with khaki shorts and was told, in no uncertain fashion by the Assistant District Commissioner that such attire was the preserve of kiaps.

buy canada goose jacket Whether or not this was the case, I quickly gave the shirt to my domestic servant and stuck thereafter to shirts of a non khaki hue just in case. buy canada goose jacket

In the grand scheme of things, matters of de rigeur attire were of little canada goose outlet concern or consequence but I always felt for the National Service (Nasho) teachers serving with the Pacific Islands Regiment.

canadian goose canada goose outlet uk sale jacket When outside the barracks after sunset, they were required, they told me, to wear long sleeved shirts buttoned up, long canada goose outlet online trousers, socks and shoes. canadian goose jacket

canada canada goose outlet paypal goose store This canada goose outlet in toronto was said to reduce the possibility of mosquito bites and malaria. canada goose store

Canada Goose Jackets As https://www.winterdownparkas.com a postscript, Michael Tom Somare’s adoption canada goose outlet orlando of a Fijian style sulu, loose shirt and sandals as his formal attire shortly before Independence appeared to herald a more sensible, Melanesian dress code for officials. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose black friday sale It is sad, then, to see the likes of Peter O’Neill and his colleagues in distinctly non Melanesian suits and ties canada goose black friday sale.