In anticipation you’d tear it open

The 36 Worst Action Figures From Iconic Toy Lines

It was something of a rite of passage for boys in the late ’80s/early ’90s to wake up on Christmas morning and see the wrapped Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shaped box. In anticipation you’d tear it open, wondering what would be revealed.

replica designer backpacks The truth Designer Replica Bags is, an alarming amount Designer Fake Bags of TMNT toys were neither teenage nor mutant nor ninjas nor turtles. Some of them weren’t even appropriate for children. Case in point: replica designer backpacks

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Also, it turns out that it didn’t take a whole lot to qualify as a TMNT villain:Pizzaface (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Notice how his pinky finger is doing the Shocker.

OK, at least this one is a Turtle. As a farmer.

high replica bags That is, some toy designer said, “It’s the mutant turtle part kids love! They can take or leave the teenage ninja part! The whole show could purse replica handbags be about planting seeds and learning about proper crop rotation, the little shits will still watch it!” high replica bags

aaa replica bags Damn, guys, it was hard enough to even want to buy a Donatello figure at all. And yet this must have been so popular that it led to a follow Replica Bags up. To their credit, they did make aaa replica designer handbags a vast improvement for this one: aaa replica bags

The Action Figure Archive

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There Fake Designer Bags was a time at the height of He Man’s popularity when the social status of a school age boy was dictated entirely by the amount of Masters of the Universe action figures he owned. The only thing worse than having no He Man figures? Having one of the lame Fake Handbags ones.

replica bags china And they had a lot of these. Since the only discernible unifying concept for the He Man line was the presence of pectorals and a Speedo, the designers were able to come up with some truly deranged shit. Like Moss Man. This guy doesn’t just look like he’s coated with fungus: They actually went out of their way to give a dampy feel to the wholesale replica designer handbags touch and a “real pine scent” to it. replica Purse It is disgusting in every conceivable sense. Look at his face. Look at it. replica bags china

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When Raiders of the Lost Ark came out in 1981, a high quality replica handbags toy line seemed like a no brainer: After all, George Lucas and Wholesale Replica Bags Kenner had Handbags Replica just made a gajillion dollars selling action figures based on another beloved Lucasfilm property also replica handbags online starring Harrison Ford it would Replica Designer Handbags have been stupid not to sell toys based on this replica handbags china thing. The only problem was Replica Handbags that while Star Wars had Luke, Han, Chewie, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, the Emperor, the Stormtroopers and more, Indiana Jones had. Indiana Jones.

Yes, now you can rerecreate the scene in which Marion is in danger of being raped by Nazis! Also, she comes with a monkey.

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The Indiana Jones Toy Reference Page

Why. why would you even. why?

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