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So far, so good. But then you say that the non man made facts are necessitated while the man made facts are non necessitated. Now there is a clear sense in which the craters on the moon are causally necessitated: GIVEN the laws of nature + the physical constants + initial and circumambient conditions + certain causes such as the crashing of meteors into the moon, the craters had to result: they were necessitated by their causes the other factors mentioned.

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Since it now has the ability to hold two systems, the number of fan locations increased from 8 in the DK 04 to 12 for the DK 05 (6x front, 6x rear all 120mm w/ 12 fans included). This was likely necessary in order to remove the heat created by two complete PCs inside the tempered glass top. Designed for liquid cooling, the DK 05 can hold one 480mm radiator (left side rear), and 3 360mm radiators in various locations.