Churches Forced into Obsolecence?

Churches are being forced into obsolescence.

This reminds me of the way cell phones have made land lines (especially pay phones!) obsolete.

I actually think land lines are wonderful. No recharging, no dropping them in the toilet, no lost signal. They feel secure and the handle—yes a land line has curves.

Despite their advantages, an American study found that over a quarter of homes no longer have a land line. People are opting for convenience and autonomy over security. Sound familiar?

The same way land lines are being phased out, organized religion could be facing forced obsolescence with the arrival of an agile competitor, one with a dazzling array of options. It is becoming increasingly hard for organized religions to compete with the lure of spiritual but not religious, which quite simply, has the features many people want.

Just as we are unlikely to abandon our cell phones and go back to the one phone per household model, we probably aren’t going to be going back to traditional (liberal) churches any time soon either. While there will continue to be some demand, people are increasingly seeing land lines and organized religion as unnecessary; in both cases their needs are being filled better by a new supplier.