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Does spirituality make you a better person?

Does spirituality lead to altruism?

Historically, western society has relied on organized religion to take care of the less ...

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Is Spiritual but not Religious Really Occult Protestantism?

Is the spiritual but not religious (SBNR) movement just a radical form of Protestantism? The evidence suggests Protestantism ...

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A Yin Crowd? Spiritual but not Religious a Crowd-sourced System?

Is there a connection between the popularity of crowd-sourced ventures like Kickstarter and Wikipedia and the spiritual but ...

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Sincere apologies to all the patrons of the quiet car that

Niagara has 17 underclassmen on the roster and a shortage of depth.blinked and it was Christmas, Burkholder said. ...

I found I had accidentally covered over the valve

The fifth season marked the introduction of Jefferson D'Arcy (Ted McGinley), as Marcy's new husband. ...

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“Engage your core”: Yoga as a protest movement

If you think the only goal of yoga is relaxation and  inward reflection, you may be in for ...

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How many Canadians are spiritual but not religious?

Of all the questions people ask me about the spiritual but not religious phenomenon, the "How ...

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What holds SBNR together if there is no “church?”

One of the reasons "spiritual but not religious" has evaded serious attention is the entrenched belief ...

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Feeling Good, Doing Good: An SBNR Approach to Social Change

You've probably heard the Gandhian maxim "Be the change you want to see in the world." ...

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What do surfing and belly dancing have in common?

Why they are spiritual activities of course! Increasingly, what were once secular activities are taking on ...

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We’re off!

I am so excited! There is so much happening in the world of"spiritual but not religious." When I ...

The change in opinion of some of the analysts in regard to

It has a clear counter, but it solves Warden biggest problem of rolling away. I personally believe all ...

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(Nichole Huck/CBC)In 2013, the Orr Centre played host to the

In between stories about Yoenis Cespedes' fleet of expensive vehicles, spring training delivered an unusual controversy at White ...

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Often you will see that more demure necklines are the top

"Our three countries believe that President Assad, who is resorting to brutal military force against his own people ...

Throngs of young and old blue clad fans roared as the

ANTONY FRANGOS: We cannot say that business has been booming. You know, it's a step by step. Maybe ...

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Since every one does his job, captain has no job

All rounders will take wickets and in the end overs, only yorkers are bowled and thus make a ...

Turns out that now they also unretire numbers

Previously, Mr. Dickson was the managing director of MDC Partners Inc. ("MDC") (the parent company of 50 leading ...

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Michelle Obama Inauguration 2013 Outfits - Thom Browne Canada Goose outlet store , Reed Krakoff, and ...

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GM also withdrew its Cadillac division sponsorship of the

"Everybody who stepped foot on the floor tonight after the first quarter started to pick up the flow ...

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All told those teams compiled a sparkling 199 23 win loss

"Honestly, I didn't even know my helmet was missing. That's how crazy last year was," Miller said recently. ...

So who are psychopaths? Broadly speaking

About five years ago, my father passed away. I still think about him almost every day, but especially ...

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The two women split their allegiance in fairness to Bruins’

Insiders, I noticed that home teams went 7 9 in the first weekend of action. You would think ...

The artificial turf yielded from four to 10 different species

In theory, the basic notion of interferometry is quite simple. A signal from the sky is captured by ...